What is Infinite Consciousness?

We are Infinite Consiciousness

Infinite Consciousness is all about using a holistic approach for everything that we do. We see each person as a WHOLE, consisting of Mind, Body, Emotions, Inner Spirit, and Soul. We know that every human being is unique. We encourage every member to express their own  authenticity and uniqueness. Yes, we will still be doing our usual CrossFit sessions, but we are adding MORE to encompass the full complexities of the human body and mind for you and the whole community!

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Infinite Consciousness incorporates a deep holistic lifestyle on every level for every individual being. At Infinite Consciousness, you will find:

Conventional and alternative therapies

Life coaching

Fitness and nutrition,

Communal discussions about the important things (ie philosophy of everything and anything)

Emotional healing through psychology and counselling

Sustainable music practices and dance release sessions


At Infinite Consciousness we cater for the wellbeing of all human beings, regardless of gender, skin colour, age or any other illusions of separateness.  So, leave your ego and prejudices at the door and join our Infinite Consciousness!

Come along, get involved and evolve with Infinite Consciousness!

Infinite Consciousness Online Training

The Infinite Consciousness 12 week challenge is a training method that has been tested and proven to be highly effective.

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Infinite Consciousness Retreat

IC Fitness Retreat programs allow you to detoxify your body in a healthy and sustainable way. We aim to improve the quality of your life by improving your health.

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Infinite Consciousness Workshop & Events

Our workshops and events cover a variety of topics. The overall goal is to re-connect us with our self.

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Infinite Consciousness Festival

IC Festival : A festival where you don’t have to feel out of place if you are not drinking alcohol.

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Infinite Consciousness Accomodation

Hold tight here team. We have different types of accommodation to suit your needs and budget. Check the webpage and see what works best for you.

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Infinite Consciousness Fitness Retreat

IC wellness caters for your needs and supports you with mindful services and expert coaching to improve your athletic performance  and overall health and instilling wellbeing to help you optimize your life.

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